I choosed the name Chenx (you pronounce it like "chance") as an hommage to my two grand mothers, the "C" is the initial of my dad's mum (Chan Tha) and the "X" is the initial of my mum's mum. I do believe that our souls are eternal and that wherever my grandmas are now, they keep on guarding us like angels.


Chinese traditions are a very important source of inspiration. Having left my born country at the age of 1 month, due to political issues.

Since then, i have always wanted to learn about chinese culture. And I think that my time has come to contribute to spread the the richness of this culture through my art work. Thus my favorite themes come from feng-shui, chinese traditionnal paintings and japanese paintings.

When I began searching about siprituality and the meaning of life, it appeared to my that everything is linked and nothing is due to hazard. Through my paintings, i aim to combine a particular esthétism in the thin frontline between abstract and representative art. My using of beneficial symbols stand for my willing to help others.

Some people believe in feng-shui, others not, whichever side you are, the simple fact that you find my work beautiful is enough for me.

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